Personalizing the Visitor Experience

May 28th, 2013 - Posted in 2013, Dimensions by Alejandro Asin

May/June 2013

Free-choice learning is the hallmark of science centers and interactive museums. But many institutions are taking this idea a step further by exploring strategies for personalizing the visitor experience—before, during, or after the visit. Some approaches are high tech, like compiling a visitor’s on-site experiences onto a personalized webpage. Others are low tech, such as delivering exceptional visitor service. Personalization projects have many goals, including enhancing learning, inspiring emotional connections and behavior changes, and building a sense of ownership. In this issue, we look at a variety of personalization approaches and tools, and examine their impact.

• When Every Visitor is a VIP: The Personalized Museum Visit, by Rachel Hellenga
Personalizing Visitor Service in a Small Museum, by Jennifer Jenkins
21-Tech: Engaging Museum Visitors Using Mobile Technologies, by Keith Ostfeld
• Dive Deeper: A Personal Immersion Experience with Sea Turtles, by Kira Stearns
A Custom Fit: Personalizing Experiences Using Technology
• The QRator Project: Promoting Personal Meaning-Making in Museums, by Steven Gray, Claire Ross, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Melissa Terras, and Claire Warwick
• Applying Simulations to Social Learning Experiences, by Eileen Smith, Michael Carney, and Kim Cavendish

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