Shaping Perceptions of Science Centers

September 15th, 2013 - Posted in 2013, Dimensions by Alejandro Asin

September/October 2013

When people look at science centers, what do they see? How can science centers shape those perceptions in a positive direction? In this issue of Dimensions, we examine how important audiences and stakeholders—including government officials, people from minority backgrounds, teachers, donors, and general adult audiences—perceive science centers. In addition, this issue highlights specific strategies science centers can use to influence how their audiences see them—from branding campaigns to responsive websites to public relations techniques. Throughout the magazine, you’ll find practical advice, best practices, and inspirational ideas for how to best represent your institution. By understanding their audiences and meeting their needs, engaging with current issues and technologies, and communicating effectively, science centers can be perceived as relevant, welcoming, innovative places that are of great value to their communities.

• A Brand New Image, by Joelle Seligson
Reimagined and Rebranded: Science Centers for the 21st Century, by Eli Kuslansky and Gregory Peduto
Making the Case, by Sean Smith
• Highlighting the Importance of Science Centers to Local and National Leaders, by Alexander Zwissler
• Science Centers and Cultural Diplomacy: An Australia-Vietnam Case Study, by Graham Durant
• Interculturalism: A New Way of Understanding Audience Engagement, by Salvador Acevedo
Field Trips: What Teachers Told Us, by Mary Ann Wojton
Best Practices in Public Relations
• Increasing Philanthropic Support, by Erik Pihl
• Why Your Organization Should Consider a Responsive Website, by Jason Bosher

Online Departments
From the CEO
Q&A with Chevy Humphrey

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