A Closer Look at Exhibits

January 30th, 2014 - Posted in 2014, Dimensions by Emily Schuster

January/February 2014

Exhibits are central to the work of science centers and museums, and to the experience of our visitors. This issue of Dimensions draws upon the wisdom of our field, compiling practical tips and guidelines from exhibit professionals working in a variety of museums and companies around the world. These professionals share their ideas, advice, and lessons learned on key topics related to exhibit design, development, and production—everything from exhibit technology (whether high or low tech), to safety guidelines, to inexpensive exhibit production, to prototyping, to partnerships, and much more.

• Tracking Exhibit Trends, by Wayne LaBar
• Inside the Process: Three Exhibit Development Case Studies (extended content available here)
• ExhibitFiles: A Resource for the Field, by Wendy Hancock
• Perspectives on Technology, Part One: The Tried and True: Low-Tech Science Center Exhibits, by R.L. (Chip) Lindsey
• Perspectives on Technology, Part Two: Human Computer Interaction and the Next Generation of Science Center Exhibits, by Jim Spadaccini
• Producing Great Exhibits on a (Not so Great) Budget, by Paul Orselli
Exhibit Tips from Around the World
Keeping Visitors Safe Around Exhibits, by Kathy Krafft and Harry White

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