September 14-18: Citizen Science

September 10th, 2009 - Posted in ASTC Connect, Partners by Wendy Pollock

Join Rick Bonney of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, September 14-18, in the CAISE Forum for discussion around the topic of a recent CAISE Inquiry Group report. Public Participation in Scientific Research: Defining the Field and Assessing Its Potential for Informal Science Education is available on the CAISE website.

To join the conversation, set up an account in ASTC Connect and join the CAISE Forum by using the keyword “informal.” Look for the area where this discussion is taking place. You’ll get an email telling you the conversation, which will run asynchronously, is beginning. Details: Terri Gipson, CAISE Project Director, tgipson [at]

Communicating science to public audiences

May 6th, 2009 - Posted in ASTC Connect by Wendy Pollock

Join an ASTC Connect discussion, May 11-15, sixth in a series on the theme
of strengthening relationships among science museums, research scientists,
and engineers. Pacific Science Center (PSC) staff will facilitate, building on experience gained from Portal to the Public, an NSF-funded project of PSC, Albuquerque’s Explora, the North Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Institute for Learning Innovation.

To sign up, you’ll need an ASTC Connect account. Go to to sign up. Then contact Margaret Glass at mglass [at] for the enrollment key that will give you access to the “Working with Scientists and Engineers” forum. Once you’re in this forum area, you can also read archived records of earlier discussions.

Working with scientists and engineers: next discussion starts February 11

February 8th, 2008 - Posted in ASTC Connect by Wendy Pollock

The Working with Scientists & Engineers Forum will host a discussion February 11-15, in ASTC Connect, about the strategy behind the Research Center – ISE (RISE) initiative of the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network. Carol Lynn Alpert, director of strategic projects at the Museum of Science, Boston, and a co-PI of the NISE Net (, will kick off discussions.

The RISE initiative focuses on developing sustainable partnerships through advance planning and budgeting, and by joining with research centers for the initial proposals to federal and state science research funding agencies. Relevant articles are in the January/February issue of ASTC Dimensions.

Working with scientists and engineers: discussion starts January 14

January 3rd, 2008 - Posted in ASTC Connect by Wendy Pollock

A new round of discussion starts January 14 in  the ASTC Connect forum ”Working with Scientists & Engineers.” Kim Kiehl, Vice President for Learning & Research Partnerships at COSI Columbus, will join us as guest moderator. Kim will share COSI’s experiences in fostering close integration of the museum with local STEM-rich organizations, including Ohio State University, Battelle Memorial Institute, and TechColumbus. Together, forum participants will consider how such relationships develop, benefits for each party, and potential outcomes. Open to staff of ASTC-member institutions. To sign up, go to ASTC Connect then contact connect [at]

The science center in Second Life

November 29th, 2007 - Posted in ASTC Connect by Wendy Pollock

What are science centers doing in Second Life? Join Rob Rothfarb and Paul Doherty of the Exploratorium in ASTC Connect to find out about their recent experiments in this 3-D, multi-user online environment. The week-long discussion starts December 3 in the ASTC Dimensions Forum in ASTC Connect.

Discussion will take off from the current issue of ASTC Dimensions, “Immersed in Science: Learning in Today’s Digital Environments.” Doherty and Rothfarb’s article, “From 2-D to 3-D Web: The Science Center in Second Life,’” and others are available in the Forum.

To sign up, go to ASTC Connect and set up an account. Then contact Margaret Glass at mglass[at] for access to the ASTC Dimensions Forum.

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