Science Museums and the Internet

November 1st, 2001 - Posted in 2001, Dimensions by Christina Jones

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November/December 2001

In a 1998 ASTC survey, 70 percent of member museums reported having a website; in last year’s survey, the figure was close to 90 percent. But how are we using this powerful new medium? What is our place in an increasingly crowded online world? In this issue, we examine what science centers are doing on the Web—and where online technology might take us.

Nodes and Connections: Science Museums in the Networked Age, by Rob Semper
• Museums and E-Commerce, by Wayne Atherholt and Wit Ostrenko
• One for All: Inviting the World to TryScience, by Eric Marshall
• BIONET: Linking Public Discourse on the Life Sciences, by Andrea Bandelli
• The High Touch Revolution: How Will Museums Respond, by Joel Halvorson

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Where’s the Science in Science Centers

September 15th, 2001 - Posted in 2001, Dimensions by Christina Jones

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September/October 2001

How to put science in the hands of the people, when the scientific enterprise now operates on a scale both microscopic and vast? That’s a central question for science centers, one that gets harder to answer as museum leaders feel increasingly constrained by a complex, competitive environment. In this issue, we hear multiple perspectives on the challenge of keeping the science in science centers—from the role of floor staff to the meaning of “science” itself.

A Scientist for the Day: Exploration and Discovery in the Museum, by J. Shipley Newlin Jr.
• What is ‘Science’ Anyway? Differing Perceptions among Science Center Staff, by Shawn Rowe
• Science at the Smithsonian, by Carolyn Sutterfield
• Partners for Public Understanding: Science Researchers and Museums Join Forces, by Art Ellis, Paul Krajniak, Deanna TeBockhorst, Wendy Naughton and David A. Ucko
• Doing ‘Wet Science’, by Ingrid Sulston and Martin Weiss
• In Defense of Scientifically ‘Worthless’ Exhibits, by Albert J. Read

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Volunteer Power!

July 15th, 2001 - Posted in 2001, Dimensions by Christina Jones

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July/August 2001

As countries around the world observe the U.N.-sponsored “International Year of Volunteers 2001,” science centers and museums have good reason to celebrate. In this issue, we hear from volunteer program directors, museum staff, and volunteer themselves about the many ways that volunteering adds value to the museum experience.

Ready, Set, Go! Maximizing Success with Museum Volunteers, by Jan Davison
• Why I Volunteer: Three Personal Stories, by Roger Booco, Christine Saulsbury and Kenyatta Miles
• The Year of Volunteers: Celebrating a Vital Source, by Carolyn Sutterfield
• Playing on the TAG Team: How Local Experts Enrich One Science Center’s Offerings, by Debra A. Jacobson
• Meaningful Contributions: The Role of Training in the Volunteer Experience, by Simone Mortan, Lynn Baum and Mary Kay Cunningham

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Building a Base of Support

May 15th, 2001 - Posted in 2001, Dimensions by Christina Jones

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May/June 2001

For new science centers and established institutions alike, ensuring an adequate flow of operating funds, year after year, is a challenge. In this issue, museum directors, development officers, and senior managers discuss strategies for building a strong base of ongoing support.

Smooth Passages: Ten Tips for Surviving the Transition from Capital to Operating, by Leonard J. Aube
• From the Grassroots Up: Building a Museum Collaborative in North Carolina, by Todd Boyette and Mark Sinclair
• Board Development: The Cornerstone of Effective Fund-Raising, by Marilyn Hoyt
• Claiming a Place for Science: Britain’s Lottery-Funded Science Centers and Museums, by Gillian Thomas
• International Update: News from the Networks

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From Counting to Chaos: Mathematics in Science Centers

March 15th, 2001 - Posted in 2001, Dimensions by Christina Jones

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March/April 2001

• Hands-On Mathematics: Taking the Next Step, by Andrea Anderson and Carolyn Sutterfield
• Mathematics to Go: A Traveling Exhibition Sampler
• Bringing Math to Life: Four Science Center Projects, by Kathleen Krafft, Charlie Trautmann, Christine Valiant, Anne Herndon, Tom Krakauer and Dean Briere
Go Figure! Evaluating a Math Exhibition, by Randi Korn and Johanna Jones

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