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Past ConferencesASTC 2006 Annual Conference

2006 ASTC Annual Conference
Appropriate Growth:
Sustaining Institutional Advancement

October 28-31, 2006
Hosted by the Louisville Science Center
Louisville, Kentucky

Nearly 1,700 people from around the world gathered October 28-31 in Louisville, Kentucky, for the 2006 ASTC Annual Conference.

Appropriate growth and social responsibility were keynotes of the gathering, starting with a talk by demographer Ron Crouch, who drew on census studies to make the case for evidence-based planning. Among his recommendations for science centers: move swiftly to connect with and serve immigrant populations, and respond to needs for education about real, not perceived, risks.

Evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson made an impassioned appeal to educate the public about biodiversity and take action to prevent the extensive species loss forecast for the next century. Reading from his recently published book, The Creation, Wilson made a case for more open communication between scientists and faith-based groups.

Syndicated columnist Betty Winston Bayé, who writes about social issues, particularly concerning women and African-Americans, spoke on the difference that encouragement can make in a young person's choices about education and work.

Workshops and sessions about global warming and climate change education were filled to overflowing. Some sessions featured case studies of green design in museum buildings and exhibitions. Others examined new strategies, such as forums, blogs, and podcasts, for engaging the public in discussion about policy issues and strengthening connections with the research community.

Participants represented many communities—from educators who take science demonstrations out to the schools to prototypers who develop exhibits, and from science center directors facing funding challenges to evaluators who take the measure of public response.

To order audio CDs or CD-ROMs (MP3 format) of 86 recorded sessions, visit www.conventionrecordings.com.

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