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Brendan IribeBrendan Iribe
Opening Keynote Presentation and Roy L. Shafer Leading Edge Awards Ceremony
Saturday, October 21
8:00–10:45 a.m.
San Jose Convention Center

Brendan Iribe is the co-founder and vice president of PC VR at Oculus, where he oversees engineering and product development for Rift, Oculus Research, and computer vision. Oculus is a subsidiary of Facebook.

Before Oculus, Iribe served as chief product officer of Gaikai, a video game streaming platform acquired by Sony in 2012 that used cloud-based gaming technology to let people play games instantly. Prior to Gaikai, he spent a decade as co-founder and CEO of Scaleform, the number-one user interface technology provider in the video game market, which Autodesk acquired in 2011. Earlier in his career, Iribe worked as a game programmer and helped the Firaxis team develop the user interface for the video game Civilization IV.

Iribe has strong ties to the science center and museum field. While working in the multimedia division of ASTC-member Quatrefoil, a creator of custom museum exhibits, he brought new approaches to programming experiences for science centers. Iribe developed and produced interactive exhibits for institutions such as the Tech Museum of Innovation, the National Science Center, and other ASTC members.

He recently co-founded the Virtual Science Center (VSC), a Silicon Valley nonprofit with a mission to develop inquiry-based, out-of-school learning experiences about emerging technologies. His goals in developing VSC are to inspire the next generation of innovators; share the challenges of creating new technology; and promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning.

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