ASTC Staff

To contact ASTC staff by e-mail, please write to

Anthony (Bud) Rock
President and CEO
202/783-7200 x115

Alejandro Asin
202/783-7200 x147

Bradley Brookens
202/783-7200 x135

David Coutoumanos
Sales Coordinator
202/783-7200 x121

Margaret Glass
Director, Professional Development
202/783-7200 x129

Wendy Hancock
Manager, Professional Development Services
202/783-7200 x117

Ann Hernandez
Program Manager, Professional Development
202/783-7200 x126

Larry Hoffer
Chief of Staff
202/783-7200 x114

Nina Humes
Coordinator, Meetings and Conferences
202/783-7200 x133

Jessica Jain
Manager, Member Services
202/783-7200 x112

Monica Jones
Grants Accountant
202/783-7200 x132

Michelle Kenner
Association Services Coordinator
202/783-7200 x139

Lesley Markham
Concept Paper Writer
202/783-7200 x145

Mary Mathias
Manager, Communications
202/783-7200 x144

Christine Ruffo
Manager, Research and Web
202/783-7200 x125

Emily Schuster
202/783-7200 x130

Leah Secunda
202/783-7200 x134

Sean Smith
Director, Government and Public Relations
202/783-7200 x113

Walter Staveloz
Director, International Relations
202/783-7200 x118

Korie Twiggs
Program Specialist, Professional Development
202/783-7200 x146


Jamie Bell
CAISE Project Director
202/783-7200 x137

Jared Nielsen
Online Producer
202/783-7200 x127

Kalie Sacco
Program and Community Manager
202/783-7200 x142

Grace Troxel
Digital Librarian
202/783-7200 x149