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Cosmic Questions: Infrared Astronomy
Cosmic Questions: Infrared Astronomy
Photo by Kevin Burke/SAO
If you're interested in an ASTC exhibition, call us to discuss your specific questions and needs. In general, this is how we work:
  • Most ASTC exhibitions are available for three-month bookings. After you confirm a booking, ASTC will send you a loan agreement. In general, it must be returned within four weeks.

  • You will be required to pay a deposit (25 percent of the rental fee) at the time you return your signed agreement.

  • The balance of the rental fee is due 45 days before you are scheduled to open the exhibition. If you cancel a booking after you have signed the loan agreement, you will still be responsible for paying the fee, which represents a share of overall costs.

  • You will be required to pay for one-way, inbound shipping; shipments outside the contiguous 48 U.S. states carry additional costs. ASTC will make shipping arrangements, and its agents will bill you directly. You will be required to provide qualified people to unpack, install, maintain, and repack the exhibition.

  • When you rent an ASTC exhibition, you must provide display conditions at least as good as those provided for your own exhibitions: adequate space, lighting, atmospheric controls, janitorial services, and security. There may be additional special requirements such as staffing. ASTC will insure the exhibition against damage and loss at all times, but will hold you responsible if you do not follow instructions provided in the exhibition technical manual, or if appropriate security standards are not met.

  • You will need to provide ASTC with a certificate of liability insurance naming ASTC as an additional insured no later than 30days prior to your receipt of the exhibition.

  • Within 48 hours after you receive an ASTC exhibition, you must complete and return an incoming condition report. Not more than 48 hours before you take the exhibition down, you will be required to thoroughly clean it and complete an out-going condition report. You must also report any loss or damage that occurs while the exhibition is under your control. You may not undertake any repairs without ASTC authorization.

  • At least two months before the exhibition is scheduled to arrive, ASTC will send materials to help you plan. These include a technical manual, publicity materials, and educational materials.

  • ASTC Exhibition Services and exhibition sponsors must be credited in all publicity about the exhibition. We will ask you to complete an evaluation form and return it together with sample press coverage at the end of your booking.

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