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Throwing out garbage, putting it by the curb, taking it to the dump -- try as we might, we can never really make garbage disappear. When we throw garbage "away," it just goes somewhere else.

We bury most of our garbage in landfills where it may stay forever. We burn some trash, but burning can pollute the air if not properly controlled, and it still leaves ash to bury. We can recycle many things, but even these processes require energy, and create waste and pollution.

Rotten Truth:
There is no way to get rid of all our garbage. The best solution is to make less, then find the most appropriate way -- reuse, recycle, burn, or landfill -- to manage what's left.

To Think About:
Where does your trash go? Find out, if you don't know. What would your family do if your trash wasn't picked up every week?

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