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Team Up!: Goalpost Entry
Team Up!: Goalpost Entry
Photo courtesy Sciencenter Discovery Museum
Goalpost Entry
Visitors walk under a football goalpost to enter Team Up! Explore Science and Sports. The entry panels are complete with national sponsor signage and a place for each venue to display its local sponsors.

Ricochet Racquet
Visitors can shoot tennis balls at a giant racquet while adjusting the racquet face to get the most desirable angle. For safety and to eliminate the loss of tennis balls, Ricochet Racquet is an enclosed component.

Locker Room
This interactive station features professional sports equipment and apparel. Visitors can try on uniforms in the Locker Room, and view professional baseball, football, soccer, and hockey equipment in display cases. Jerseys from local teams can be included in this display.

Balancing Acts
Experiments on balance include a pommel horse, balance beam, and tabletop activities to help visitors learn about the skills needed to become an Olympic-caliber gymnast.

Team Up!: Bounce Pass
Team Up!: Bounce Pass
Photo courtesy Discovery Center Museum
Bounce Pass
Make that perfect pass just like your favorite point guard! Visitors can determine the correct angle and amount of force needed to bounce a basketball to a "teammate" located on the other side of a barrier.

Set Shot
To explore trajectory angles, visitors can shoot a marble-sized basketball through a tiny hoop.

Sweet Spot
Visitors are invited to find the "sweet spot" in baseball: the point on the bat where the maximum amount of energy transfers to the baseball, with the minimum amount of energy traveling back into the batter's hands.

Inside Scoop
This exhibit investigates emerging technology in high-tech sports equipment. Visitors can explore the research and development of such items as hockey sticks and baseball bats, while viewing cross-sections of different balls and sports equipment.

Get in the Game
In a virtual reality system, visitors can watch themselves playing volleyball, soccer, or skiing downhill.

How Fast Was That Pitch?
Visitors can measure the speed of their baseball pitches in a radar-equipped booth.

The Sole of the Game
Viewing only the soles of various athletic footware, visitors try to match each shoe with its correct sport.

Twin Spin
In this exhibit two mannequins rotating on metal rods portray gymnasts. One assumes a tucked position; the other is outstretched. The visitor is asked to predict and observe which mannequin will spin faster.

Name That Ball (2)
Visitors are invited to identify balls used in various sports, using only their sense of touch. Some of the balls will be familiar, while others will test the participant's sports I.Q.

Sports Figures
Visitors can watch clips from the television show"ESPN SportsFigures" that feature information on the scientific principles found in the play of many different sports. Find out how today's athletes do the seemingly impossible.

Description Itinerary Walkthrough
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