Transatlantic Conference

A 90-minute conference will be broadcast on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 10:00AM EST, live from Boston, Paris and Copenhagen.Find it on the web at www.astc.org/iglo!


Find Clim'City online in English or in French!

Join ASTC/IGLO for COP15!
For the first time, ASTC will be part of an historic international event.Keep reading to see how you can be part of it, too!
COP15, the UN climate conference where world leaders will negotiate new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will be held this December in Copenhagen, and ASTC will be sending an accredited delegation to the heart of the event. Decisions made during this event will have an important impact on the lives of all citizens of the planet. ASTC believes that these global challenges must be addressed by our members, and we want to help by acting where we can.
Three ASTC projects will provide members access to the latest information and analysis and even a chance to participate in an event during COP15.
1) The first is a guest blogger series on the website. Visit us now to read what science journalists, climate communicators, and activists have to say – and look for upcoming posts from IPCC experts!
2) The second is a Transatlantic Conference, featuring live internet video conference from La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris and the Museum of Science in Boston. Both organizations participated in the Danish Board of Technology’s WorldWideViews global survey on global warming and will be discussing the results with policy and science experts from Europe and the U.S. See below for more information on how you can join.
Experts in the three cities will address pressing global climate issues including the emission reduction targets of countries and regions, the chances of reaching a global climate agreement, the impact on the US and China, and the expected global economic impact. Contributors from Boston will include new ASTC CEO Bud Rock; Peter Schultz, Office Director, U.S. Global Change Research Program Office Integrating Federal Research on Climate and Global Change; Bob Corell, Chair, Climate Action Initiative; and others. From Europe, we will be joined by major participants from all groups of the IPCC ,as well as top French negotiators for COP15. The event will be introduced by the Danish Board of Technology, presenting the results of the worldwide survey and setting the scene for the panel discussion.
3) Finally, ASTC is organizing an international event centered about Clim’City, an on-line climate change education game. Developed by Cap-sciences (the science center in Bordeaux, France), Clim’City lets players control the energy decisions of a city for 50 years to see if they can meet the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. An English version is now available on-line.
ASTC is planning two Clim’City phases around COP15. In cooperation with ECSITE, the European network of science centers and museums, we invite all our members to play the game during the first week of COP15 (Dec. 7 through 11).We will provide you with a code you can use to upload your results into a worldwide ranking of participants. The results will be published on the IGLO website. Participation in such a prominent event can attract local media. ASTC can provide you with a press release template that you can customize for local press. For more details on organizing a Clim’City event at your science center, see below.
Then, on Dec. 14 at 7:00AM EST, thanks to a partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ASTC is hosting an international web cast from the Bella building, site of the main COP15 negotiations. High scorers from four science centers around the world will be joined by an impressive panel of experts, including the Deputy Chair of the IPCC, the Communications Director of NOAA’s Climate Program office, and the team from “Meteo France” that acted as science advisors for Clim’City. These experts will comment on the results of the game presented live by the high-scoring science center participants.

What you can do...
Transatlantic Conference
The 90-minute conference will be broadcast on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 10:00AM EST, live from Boston, Paris and Copenhagen. You can find it on the web at www.astc.org/iglo, where you will be directed to the streaming video.
What you can do:
- Make this part of a local event
- Show the video conference in your venue in front of an audience
- Invite local experts to discuss similar topics before or after with your audience
- Capture local reactions and ask a question through the chat box. An expert in one of the locations will answer on-line
- Add a guided tour to your climate exhibition
- Use the archived session for a later event during COP15
- Use the IGLO toolkit to set up interactive hands-on activities on climate
- Let us know in advance so that we can list you as a participating sites
- Send ASTC/IGLO with pictures so that we can publish them on the web site.
We are very proud that IGLO has been able to offer a free tool of that quality. The game is on-line, so any science center or individual can start playing it, and there are several ways you can be a part of ASTC’s presence at COP15:
1. You can organize a Clim’City event at your organization:
  • Inviting a class or group of students (15 to 18 years of age) to gather in the science center, preferably during the first week of COP15.
  • Give a short introduction on global warming and COP15 (include a visit of an exhibition on the topic, if you have one).
  • Provide instructions on how to play the game (it’s ideal if some of your staff have tried it before).
  • Let the kids play the game. You can encourage dialog and interaction either by projecting on a big screen and asking the group to contribute to each stage or having as many computers as you can with students forming teams of two.
  • Close by uploading your best result (request a code if you participate in our event).
  • Discuss with the students how you would address some of the issues the panel will be discussing during our Transatlantic Conference (see above).
2. Connect or record the video conference on 12/14 and use it for later event.
3. Make pictures and send them to us with comments about your experience.
Learn more at www.astc.org/iglo