What do you love about your favorite science center and museum? What has inspired or wowed you? What memories have stayed with you? What makes it your science museum? Science centers mean many things to many people, and we want to know what they mean to you.

Long or short, silly or serious, share your story with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #myscimuseum, email us, or submit through our web form. Send us your photos or videos, too, if you have them. And keep an eye on this page—we may share your story here!

  • “A place where I could be myself”
  • Moonwalks and Silly Putty
  • Defying the “nevers” at “his” museum
  • Never know what you'll find...
  • Generating interest in STEM
  • A powerful spark
  • "More than just a fun place"
  • “Zeal and excitement”
  • "Lifelong love of science"
  • Coming full circle
  • "Countless joyous occasions"
  • “A very welcoming place”
  • "A quintessential lifesaver"
  • A “beloved treasure”
  • Three generations at the museum
  • Meeting new creatures
  • “Delight in learning”
  • “My second home”
  • “Creating a spark”
  • "Things I love about Great Explorations"
  • "No limits"