Upcoming Webinar—Putting a New Career Tool to Work



Looking to progress your career pathway in the science museum field? Or deepen your expertise? Find out about the capabilities, skills, and knowledge that Informal Science Learning (ISL) practitioners should strive to have in order to accomplish their various roles in the ISL field.


Tuesday, July 24, updated time: 12:00–12:30 p.m. ET (find your local time)

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ASTC Velocity Webinars like this one deliver all the impact in half the time—these free idea-based events deliver useful takeaways in fun, half-hour webinars. Each is a satellite of an upcoming preconference ASTC Intensive workshop scheduled for Friday, September 28. But we just couldn’t wait, and you don’t have to either. See also: Exploring the Universe with NASA Tools and Rich Learning Opportunities in Facilitated, Open-Ended Exhibits.


Participants will explore the new, evidence-based professional learning framework to help them identify their current capabilities, skills, and knowledge—and to consider what their future career trajectory could be, as well as to think about ways of gaining new capabilities, skills, and knowledge.

The webinar will also explore how to use the framework to produce better job descriptions and identify professional learning opportunities for their team members within an organization.

This webinar offers a small sample of the preconference ASTC Intensive workshop, “Using a Professional Learning Framework to Advance Individual and Institutional Capabilities of Science Center Practitioners” that will take place on Friday, September 28, before the official start of ASTC 2018 (Saturday–Tuesday, September 29–October 2).


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Ari Einbinder, Performance Educator, Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington; Kris Morrissey, Museology Master of Arts Program and the Information School, University of Washington, Seattle; Joe Heimlich, Co-Director, Center for Research and Evaluation, and Senior Researcher, COSI Lifelong Learning Group; and Dennis Schatz, Senior Advisor, Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington


This webinar was designed for all levels of science center and museum professionals working in all facets of operations, especially those who supervise team members, work in human resources, or are the chief executive of an organization.



Registration includes a link to an archived recording of the webinar, so even if you can’t participate in the live event with your peers from around the world, you will receive access to its recording, which you and your colleagues can watch when you wish.


Wendy Hancock is ASTC’s Senior Program Manager, Professional Development.