Professional Development

ASTC provides professional development opportunities for people who work in science centers and other informal learning institutions.

Network with colleagues, expand your knowledge, and share professional resources by starting or joining a Community of Practice (CoP). CoPs are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

  • ASTC CoPs – Communities of practice provide informal science education professionals the infrastructure they need to meet the field’s challenges from the ground up. ASTC provides COPs with resources and support for connecting with colleagues, convening meetings, and organizing workshops, among other activities.

Learn without leaving home and get in-depth experience through Web-based workshops and tutorials, plus ASTC’s online discussion list:

  • ASTC Connect – online workshops and self-paced tutorials for science center professionals
  • ASTC Webinars – archived recordings of professional development presentations
  • ASTC General Forum – a discussion list with over 2,000 subscribers worldwide

Explore additional opportunities and plan your career with these professional development tools:

    • Noyce Leadership Institute – an institute designed to hone the leadership talents of executives in science centers, children’s museum, and other organizations that seek to engage their communities with science who are early in their careers as chief executives
    • ASTC Job Bank – classified job ads for the science center field

Partner with ASTC to ensure maximum visibility for your project: