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Founding Donors and Additional Supporters


We are so grateful to the founding donors and additional supporters who stepped up last year to support the launch of the Diversity Challenge Fund.

If you would like to support ASTC’s work in diversity, accessibility, inclusions, and equity, please consider making your gift today.

We’re looking forward to adding YOUR name to this list this year—thank you in advance for your support!


Founding Donors


Arizona Science Center — Chevy Humphrey, Past Chair, ASTC Board of Directors
International Centre for Life — Linda Conlon, Immediate Past Chair, ASTC Board of Directors
Science North — Guy Labine, Chair, ASTC Board of Directors
Explora — Joe Hastings
Science Museum of Minnesota — Alison Brown

California Science Center — Jeff Rudolph, Member, ASTC Board of Directors
COSI — Frederic Bertley, Member, ASTC Board of Directors
Discovery World — Joel Brennan, Member, ASTC Board of Directors
The Field Museum — Richard Lariviere
The Franklin Institute — Larry Dubinski, Chair Elect, ASTC Board of Directors
Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science — Frank Steslow
Mayborn Museum Complex, Baylor University — Charlie Walters
Michigan Science Center — Tonya Matthews
Museum of Science and Industry — David Mosena
New York Hall of Science — Margaret Honey, Member, ASTC Board of Directors
Ontario Science Centre — Maurice Bitran, Member, ASTC Board of Directors
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry — Nancy Stueber
Saint Louis Science Center — Bert Vescolani
The Tech Museum of Innovation — Tim Ritchie, Executive Committee, ASTC Board of Directors
The Wild Center — Stephanie Ratcliffe, Secretary, ASTC Board of Directors

Museum of Life and Science — Barry Van Deman
Museum of Science, Boston — Ioannis Miaoulis

Personal Donations

Gail Becker
Kate Bennett (Rochester Museum & Science Center), Member, ASTC Board of Directors
Lath Carlson (Living Computers: Museum + Labs )
David Chesebrough
Mike Day (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Molly Demeulenaere
Mel Drumm (Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum)
David and Marion Ellis
Matt and Irene Fleury (Connecticut Science Center), Executive Committee, ASTC Board of Directors
Sarah George (Natural History Museum of Utah), Treasurer, ASTC Board of Directors
Sheila Grinell
Jo Haas (Kentucky Science Center)
Amy Harris (University of Michigan Museum of Natural History)
Michelle Hernandez
Julie Johnson (J2R2 Leadership & Change Associates, LLC)
Bryan Kennedy (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Lesley Lewis
Christina Martinez (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Tit Meng (TM) Lim (Science Centre Singapore)
Alan Nursall (TELUS World of Science – Edmonton)
Per-Edvin “Pelle” Persson
R.E. Salgueiro
Dennis Schatz (Pacific Science Center)
Bryce Seidl
Curtis Simmons (Science Center of Iowa)
Silvia Singer (MIDE, Museo Interactivo de Economía), Member, ASTC Board of Directors
Laurie Sowd (California Science Center)
Marcos Stafne (Montshire Museum of Science)
David Ucko
Carol Valenta (Valenta Consulting)
Blake Wigdahl
Dennis Wint

ASTC Staff
Anonymous (4)


Additional Supporters


Coming soon—your name here; make a donation to the ASTC Diversity Challenge Fund today!