Nominating Committee Charter


The ASTC Nominating Committee is delegated with the authority to act for the Board of Directors in:

  • identifying individuals to become Board members, consistent with the bylaws
  • sending a ballot with a proposed slate of candidates to all governing members at least 60 days prior to the Annual Conference
  • recommending for Board approval individuals to receive the ASTC Fellow designation (maximum one a year)

The Nominating Committee, in carrying out its responsibilities, acts in the best interests of ASTC to identify highly qualified individuals to serve on the Board. As well, the Committee may recommend to the Board each year the awarding of ASTC Fellow designation.

Roles and General Responsibilities:

The Committee shall:

  • consider the specific qualities or skills Board members should possesses
  • ensure the Board reflects the diversity of ASTC’s membership including, but not limited, to geographic diversity and diversity of size of member institutions
  • identify on an annual basis nominees to fill upcoming vacancies on the Board (consistent with the bylaws, nominees must come from ASTC governing members)
  • invite nominations from Governing members
  • approach potential nominees to explore their interest in serving on the Board
  • direct staff to conduct an election among Governing Members by mail-in ballot in the 2 months preceding the ASTC Annual conference
  • invite nominations from all members for potential ASTC Fellow Award (ASTC Fellow for Outstanding Contribution). Fellows must be individuals who merit special recognition for having made significant contributions to the advancement of public understanding and appreciation of science and technology or to ASTC.
  • consider such nominations and other names that may be proposed by the Committee
  • determine on an annual basis whether to present a recommendation to the Board for an ASTC Fellow Award
Timing and Communication:

The Nominating Committee shall meet via conference call as it deems necessary with the ideal of completing the review and nominating process for Board elections 3 months before the ASTC Annual Conference. Following this the slate of candidates shall be provided to staff to distribute ballots.

The Committee will complete consideration of recommending an ASTC Fellow Award in time to present its recommendation at an ASTC Board meeting no later than July of each year.

Structure and Membership:

The Board of Directors shall appoint members of the Nominating Committee as set forth in the Association Bylaws section 5.15.2. The Nominating Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. It is chaired by the Immediate Past Chair and shall include the current Chair, plus a minimum of three or representatives of governing members.

Procedures and Administration:

The Committee shall establish and continuously update a calendar that shows the month or quarter within which basic functions of the Committee, such as nominations of committee members and officers, and nomination of directors are expected to occur.

The Bylaws permit directors to serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. Officers may serve one two-year term in a particular position.

All officers and directors must be the designated representatives of Governing Members. Eligible candidates appear on the list of ASTC Governing Members.