Partnerships / Special Projects

As delineated in its Strategic Framework, ASTC builds key alliances and partnerships with organizations and individuals in order to support, extend, and add perspective to the work of our members. Additional alliances are forged with the key goal of increasing the value of membership, and/or the services provided to members. ASTC shares a fundamental vision with organizations, corporations, foundations, institutions, colleges and universities, and others, that are committed to supporting the role of science centers and museums in addressing issues critical to society, on the local and global levels, where the understanding of and engagement with science are essential. ASTC seeks to align itself with those organizations with a demonstrated interest in advocating for science’s value in igniting and nurturing the innovative spirit that people of all ages need for success in today’s world. See a list of ASTC’s current and upcoming partnerships here.

ASTC welcomes the opportunity to explore the possibilities presented by collaborative relationships geared toward the above goals, and building strategic alliances that can accomplish a shared vision. If your organization is interested in collaborating with ASTC on a particular issue or on a more wide-reaching array of programs and services, please contact Chris Nelson, COO, at (202) 783-7200 x114 or