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Science Center & Museum Membership Science Center Member Application
Name of Director ______________________________

Title (e.g. Executive Director, President) _____________________

Name of Institution _______________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

City ______________________________ State _____ Zip __________

Country ___________________

Telephone _____________________________ Fax ______________________

E-mail address ___________________________________________________

Web site address _________________________________________________

How did you learn about ASTC?_______________________________________




Is your institution nonprofit? ____Yes ____No

If located in the US, what is your tax status code?_________________________

If not located in the US, does the science center or museum applying for ASTC
  • Operate solely for public benefit?____Yes ____No
  • Have a board of directors or trustees as its governing authority?
    ____Yes ____No
How would you describe your institution's govering authority? Select one.

___ Municipal
___ County/Regional
___ State/Provincial
___ Federal/National
___ Tribal
___ College/University
___ Private Non-profit
___ For-profit

Other: ___________________________________________________
Are you open to the public? ____Yes ____No

If yes, when was the museum first open to the public? _______________
If no, when do you expect to open? ____________
Overall, how would you categorize your museum? (please check only one)

___ Science/Technology Center or Museum*
___ Aquarium/Marine Biology Institute
___ Art Museum
___ Botanical Garden/Arboretum
___ General Museum
___ Historic House/Site
___ History Museum
___ Natural History Museum
___ Nature Center
___ Planetarium/Observatory
___ Specialized Museum
___ Visitor Center
___ Youth/Children's Museum
___ Zoological Park

___ Other (please specify)__________________________________

*If selected, please choose one of the following:

___ Health/Medical Science Museum
___ Space/Aviation Museum
___ Multidisciplinary science/technology center or museum


Please complete the following questions with information
from the most recently completed fiscal year.

What is the total number of paid employees? _________________________

Full-Time? _______________

Part-Time? _______________

Total Full-Time Equivalent? ________________

How many volunteers are currently active in the museum? ______________

Total volunteer hours per year? ____________________


What was the total on-site attendance for the last fiscal year? _________________

What was the total off-site attendance for the last fiscal year? _________________

What was the total number of students served in school groups
for the last fiscal year?

On-site: _______________

Off-site: _______________


Number of buildings for public use _____

If your institution has more than one building, please report the
combined square footage for each question below.
Please provide the following numbers in square feet, or indicate
unit of measure used.

What is the total interior public square footage of the museum?_________________

What is the total interior exhibition square footage? ______ (temp) ______
(PE) ______

What is the total interior classroom square footage? _______

What is the total outdoor exhibit area/science park square footage? _______

Does the museum have the following?

___Branch Facilities
Please describe banch facilities:
___Computer lab
___Discovery Room
___Food Service Area (restaurant)
___ operated by institution
___Large-Screen Theater
___ number of seats
___Motion simulator
___Nature trails
___Outdoor Science Park/Exhibit Area
___Parking lot
___operated by institution
___number of seats
___Special Areas for Pre-school Children
___Museum Store
___operated by institution



Please answer all of the following questions based on your institution's
most recently completed fiscal year. Please provide the ending month/year of the
most recently completed fiscal year: ______/______.

What were the total operating expenses for operations your last fiscal year?


What was the total operating income your last fiscal year?__________________

What was the total amount of earned income in your last completed fiscal year?

(Earned income includes revenues from admissions, education program fees,
ancillary services fees [parking lots, food service, museum stores, etc.], membership

What was the total amount of public funds received in your last
completed fiscal year?

(Public funds include federal grants, state/provincial grants, local
[e.g., county or city] grants, and direct tax support.)

What was the total amount of private funds received in your last
completed fiscal year?

(Private funds include grants or gifts received from individuals, corporations,
or foundations).

Are there major capital expansions/improvements planned for the next
two years? _______

If yes, please describe briefly_______________________________



Does your institution have any of the following educational programs?
(Please check all that apply):

___ Camp-In Programs
___ Classes and Demonstrations
___ Curriculum materials
___ Field Trips
___ School Outreach
___ Science Camps
___ Science Kits
___ Teacher Education Workshops
___ Youth Employment Programs
___ Youth Enrichment Programs (clubs/classes)
___ After-School Programs
___ Travel Programs/Expeditions
___ Virtual Visits

Other (please Specify):__________________________________

Are there any plans to increase educational offerings?_______
If yes, please describe ___________________________________


Are there any programs with schools for students and/or teachers?________
If yes, please describe_______________________________________


How many households are members of your institution?_________________

Please indicate the total number of the following at the close of the
last fiscal year:

Family memberships ____________
Individual memberships ____________
Senior memberships ____________


ASTC is committed to providing its members with time-sensitive and up-to-date
information on issues of importance to the science center field. So that your
organization may benefit from these services, we request permission to send
you and/or your staff timely print, faxed, or e-mail communications, such as
ASTC INFORMS, ASTC SCANS, annual conference announcements, and related
marketing opportunities. Please indicate your institution's acceptance by
checking the box below.

[ ] As a benefit of membership ____________________________________
[name of institution] consents to receive communications sent by, or on behalf
of, the Association of Science-Technology Centers.


Does your organization agree with ASTC's Statement on Science (listed below)?
____Yes ____No

Science is a human endeavor that uses observations and experimentation to
develop explanations of the natural world. Scientific theories are grounded
in and compatible with evidence, internally consistent, and demonstrably effective
in explaining a wide variety of phenomena. Science is based on hundreds of years
of scientific observation and experimentation and many thousands of
peer-reviewed publications.

Does your organization agree with and demonstrate a strong interest in the
goals of ASTC (listed below)? ____Yes ____No
  • To further public understanding of science
  • To show the impact of science and technology on society and culture
  • To encourage diversity and participation by all peoples in the scientific
    enterprise, especially women, minorities, and other groups
    underrepresented in scientific and technological careers
  • To serve as a vehicle for cooperative projects of mutual interest to its
  • To advance the role of science and technology centers in society
  • To cooperate with other educational agencies and organizations to
    further common goals.

Please send as many of the following materials as you can provide
for the ASTC Membership Committee's Review:

___ Annual report

___ list of principal staff, indicating title and department

___ brief biographical sketch for up to three principal staff listed above

___ brochures and other descriptive materials on your institution's exhibits,
programs, and facilities

___ black and white photographs of institution's exterior, interior, and of major

___ building map or floor plan

___ recent press clippings

Dues: ______________ USD

___Payment by check (Check must be drawn on US Bank)

Payment by Credit Card:
___American Express

Credit Card Number __________________________

Expiration Date:___________________

Print Name as it appears on card _____________________________

Signature of Card Holder ___________________________________

ASTC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and for any lawful reason, to reject
any application for membership.

Please mail this application and your supporting materials to:

ASTC Membership
818 Connecticut Avenue NW
7th Floor
Washington, DC 20006

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