Legislative Alert: Ask Your Senator to Support IMLS (May 22 Deadline)

Monday, May 22, is Final Deadline
for Senators to Sign the
IMLS Office of Museum Services Appropriations Letter

President Trump has proposed wiping out all museum funding at the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in his initial FY18 budget proposal.

Will you contact your Senators and ask them to sign a letter to the Appropriations Committee to preserve funding for the Office of Museum Services and IMLS?

Here’s how you can help today

1. Look up your Senators.

2. Check the list below to see if they have already signed the letter.

3. If they have not already done so, ask your Senators to sign on by the final deadline of Monday, May 22.

Senate Letter Signers, as of May 17

Alaska – Sullivan
California – Feinstein
Connecticut – Blumenthal, Murphy
Hawaii – Schatz
Illinois – Duckworth, Durbin
Indiana – Donnelly
Maryland – Cardin, Van Hollen
Massachusetts – Markey, Warren
Michigan – Peters, Stabenow
Minnesota – Franken, Klobuchar
Montana – Tester
New Hampshire – Shaheen
New Jersey – Booker
New Mexico – Heinrich
New York – Gillibrand
Ohio – Brown
Oregon – Merkley
Rhode Island – Reed, Whitehouse
Vermont – Sanders
Virginia – Kaine
West Virginia – Manchin
Wisconsin – Baldwin

Are your senators on the list? Thank them for supporting IMLS and the Office of Museum Services.