Webinar—Advocacy 101

Click here to watch this archived webinar in ASTC’s Professional Development Video Library.

On December 12, this webinar presented introductory, broad overview of concepts and actions you and your institution can use to advance your goals with people in your community, in any country—whether elected officials, people who work in their offices, or someone you meet in the grocery store.

U.S. Congress Building

It also included a brief summary of what was happening in Washington, D.C. (at that time) that may be of interest to U.S. science centers and museums.

When you watch the recorded webinar, you’ll find out about

  • what “advocacy” is
  • how you can advocate for your causes
  • ways to develop your case
  • identifying targets
  • making your case specific and vibrant
  • getting your messages out



From Akerman LLP, Washington, D.C.: Rick Spees, chair, Government Affairs & Public Policy Practice Group, and Jane Sargent, of counsel. From ASTC: Gillian Thomas, interim CEO, and Todd Happer.


This webinar was designed for science center and museum professionals, at any level of an organization, who are curious about about advocacy. Although the focus is on the U.S. political system, many of the concepts are applicable in other countries.



Registration included a link to an archived recording of the webinar, so even if registrants couldn’t participate in the live event with their peers from around the world, they received access to its recording, which they and their colleagues can now watch when they wish.


Write to publicpolicy@astc.org.


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