Live Demo Hour 2017

The Live Demo Hour again wowed a pack crowd in the Exhibit Hall, with demonstrations from a variety of ASTC members. If you missed it—or just want to relive it all over again—we captured abbreviated (very) and full versions for you. Thanks again to Eddie Goldstein, who has hosted this event at ASTC Annual Conferences for more than 25 years, for putting together another spectacular show.

Thank you to all the presenters!

Sink or Float
Jaxon Brinsfield, Facilitation Manager, Science Museum of Oklahoma

Dance of the Nucleotide Chart
David Gibson, Museum Educator, National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

Interview with Eddie about demos and floor activities at the museum
Lauren Cage, Gallery Programs Manager, The Tech Museum of Innovation

Walking on Eggs
Rachel Cahill, STEM Educator Program Director, The Lancaster Science Factory

The Earth is a Battery: Storing Energy
Eddie Goldstein, Science Performer and Freelance Workshop Consultant, Scientific Communications

Paul’s Missile Defense System
Paul Taylor, Traveling Science Show and Community Outreach Manager, The Franklin Institute

Abbreviated Replay—


Full Force—