Outreach Live

ASTC members will serve millions of students this year through school outreach programs. Today, that number included 500 kids at Anthony Pizzo Elementary School in Tampa, who participated in this morning’s Outreach Live program. This special session, which has been in the ASTC Annual Conference lineup for nearly 20 years, provides free outreach to a local school while giving conference attendees the opportunity to observe other science centers’ outreach programs in action.

This year’s programming included

  • Science Extravaganza—Jennifer Brown and Kristina Moreau from MOSI, Tampa, wowed the kids with a science show in the school cafeteria
  • Binary Code—Traci Kallhoff from Exploration Place, Wichita, Kansas, helped students design and decode secret messages using computer language
  • Experimenting with Stoytelling—Sai Pathmanathan, a science education consultant from the United Kingdom, mixed folk tales with hands-on activities, including churning cream into butter using paper cups and balloons
  • A-MAZE-ing Robots—Jonah Cohen, McWane Science Center, Birmingham, Alabama, introduced students to Ozobots, mini robots that are programmed using colors. Students were challenged to get their bot buddies to follow patterns and navigate mazes.

View the slideshow below or click through to see all the event’s photos on Flickr.

Outreach Live