Podcast interview with Cristin Dorgelo

During the excitement of the 2019 ASTC Annual Conference, ASTC President and CEO Cristin Dorgelo sat down with Ralph Crewe and Lamont Green of the Carnegie Science Center, hosts of the center’s Science News and Qs (SNAQ) podcast. Carnegie Science Center will host the 2020 ASTC Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. The SNAQ interview focused on ASTC’s new strategic direction, what’s in store for the future, and how science centers and museums play a vital role in their communities.

Asked about what led her to ASTC, Dorgelo said, “I have a firm belief that one of the ways we build a more optimistic future is in connecting more people to a sense that they can have a part in building that future.” One of the most important ways that ASTC promotes this idea is through the annual conference, where members collaborate, share ideas, and gain insight from colleagues that adds value to their own institutions.

This special conference episode of SNAQ features interviews with several conference attendees, including Director of the Carnegie Science Center Jason Brown, opening keynote speaker Jenn Gustetic of NASA, and more. Listen to the full podcast here.