Starry-eyed in Pasadena

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA’s research center at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, will open its doors to ASTC Annual Conference-goers on October 12.

JPL’s “Explore Space!” tour will follow the lifecycle of a scientific mission from concept to assembly, test, and operations. Along the way, participants will have the opportunity to visit key facilities, see full-scale replicas of historic spacecraft, and meet senior staff, both at their work sites and in panel discussions.

Since its establishment in the 1930s, JPL has been central to numerous space missions, from the development of the first U.S. satellite to the Phoenix Mars Lander that was launched August 4 on a mission to explore the planet’s icy northern plains. 

Participants in the October 12 tour should register through ASTC and then complete JPL’s online security form. Note that the early-bird registration deadline is August 10.

ASTC 2007 conference registration