ENGAGING THE FUTURE ASTC 2023 Annual Conference

ASTC 2023 Annual Conference

October 7–10, 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Partial List of Confirmed Sessions

Subject to Change

This page includes a partial list of confirmed sessions for ASTC 2023 (as of June 16, 2023).

Preconference Intensives

Pre-registration and additional fee generally required.

  • Building Bridges to the Future: leadership challenges of today and tomorrow – Curated for C-suite Leaders
  • Cardboard City Collaborative: A scalable toolbox for developing community informed Maker experiences
  • Empowering informal educators to support learners during moments of struggle in making and tinkering activities
  • Facilitating playful STEM: Unpacking exhibit elements that support meaningful STEM rich play for young children
  •  Tinkering Together: Engaging Diverse Youth and Families in Creating with Code  

Concurrent Sessions

Advancement and Partnerships/Fundraising

  • Exploring U.S. Federal Funding Opportunities
  • The STEM Museum Pipeline: A Collaborative Approach
  • More to come…

DEAI, Human Resources, and Organizational Culture

  • Always Practice, Never Perfect: Internally focused DEIA Practices to Boost Employee Engagement
  • From Assessment to Accountability: Navigating the Twists and Turns of Your Museum’s Racial Equity Journey
  • Improving Accessibility in Digital Programs
  • Keeping Voices in the Room: Gathering values in Codesign for Equitable STEM Experiences
  • Reimagining Socially Just and Equitable Informal STEM Institutions and Bringing Them Into Being
  • Sequencing the DNA of a Successful Volunteer Program
  • Taking Action Towards Net Zero
  • The Museum-Wide Circuit: Connecting Powerful Guest Experience and Team Culture
  • Voices & Choices: A Soft-Systems Approach for More Equitable Program Design

Exhibits, Experiences, and Technology

  • Activating on Empty: Low costs? Low resources? Strategies for creating high impact design experiences
  • Alternative in person engagement methods for the blind and low vision community using data from the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Community Partnerships: Bringing New Voices into Science Exhibit Planning
  • Creating Relevance: A New Life for Old Exhibits
  • Data Science is changing our world: How can museums help the public keep up?
  • Exhibits Debates:  The ups and downs of hands-on exhibits
  • Immersive Experiences – What can we learn from this emerging trend
  • Invasion of the psychology majors!  Bringing the science of YOU to science centers
  • Is this made for me? Learning about Exhibit Design from Youth with Learning Disabilities
  • Success in Using STEM Concepts Contextualized for Indigenous-based Science Centers

External Groups and Collaborators

  • A Science Center and More!: Supporting and Complementing Community Initiatives with STEM
  • Beyond a Field Trip: Building meaningful partnerships with schools for a more impactful experience
  • Cross-Pollination: Taking the Best from Other Disciplines and Applying It to Our Work
  • Finding Your Perfect Match: Co-Creating Successful Community Partnerships
  • Making the case for your needs: Advocacy 101
  • Not Just a Mountain Lion: Respecting the Cultural and Scientific Legacy of P-22 (Puma-22)
  • Practicing Community Science: Lessons Learned from the Field
  • Relationships, Partnerships, and Asset Thinking: Learning from STEM Learning Ecosystems
  • Relationships, Relevance, and Reciprocity: Shifting our institutional perspectives using a connected learning ecosystems framework


  • Global Trends in the Science Museum Field
  • House of Commons 2023: Let the lively debates begin!
  • How to Be a Better Client and Get the Most Out of Creative Partnerships
  • Just Press PLAY: A leader’s guide to infusing playful learning with leadership practice
  • Leaning into Value: Measuring and Monetizing Visitor Experiences
  • More to come…

Operations, Marketing, and Business Development

  • Equipping Your Team to Deliver Exceptional Guest Service
  • Making Together: Using making to mediate meetings and build connections
  • You Belong Here: A New Model for Membership that Grows Equity, Inclusion, and Revenue
  • More to come…

STEM Learning, Education, and Programs

  • A 360° Perspective on Family Engagement: Insights from Research and Practice
  • Assessing how Americans want to participate in science
  • Balancing structure and open-endedness: Designing for agency in museum environments 
  • Count Me In: Engaging children, teens and caregivers with math in museums, homes and classrooms
  • Effective Communication in the Museum Space: Understanding Funds of Knowledge
  • Empowering Youth in Climate Action: From Civic-Engagement and Leadership to Sustainable and Climate-Ready Careers
  • Getting the Outdoors Out There: Open Space and Virtual Workshop Models for STEM Education
  • Hands, Head & Heart: Maker Experiences That Center Social Emotional Learning 
  • How the arts enhance scientific education to promote innovation and engagement
  • How Wondering and Learning Go Hand in Hand: Practicing the Teachings from Mister Rogers
  • Is Climate Change Rocket Science? Interactive ways to empower everyone as a Climate Change Ambassador
  • Positioning young people as STEM change-makers for the future
  • Raise Your Art Rate! Aesthetics, Science, and Wonder in Formal and Informal Learning Settings 
  • Seeding Action: ASTC initiative on climate, biodiversity, and pollution
  • Send in the Microbes: Bringing Microbiology into your Institution
  • The Next Chapter of Virtual Learning: Planning Sustainable Programming in an Evolving Landscape

Lightning Sessions

Coming soon


Coming soon

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