Dimensions, January/February 2002—A Common Vision: ASTC's Equity and Diversity Initiative

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January/February 2002

Change was coming to science centers before September 11th, 2001, but the events of that day make our response even more critical. The communities around us are evolving, and we must evolve, too, or risk losing our relevance. With this issue, ASTC launches its Equity and Diversity Initiative, a five-year plan to alter the face of science centers. Acknowledging that each institution is unique, we thank those who have come forward to share their stories.

Confronting Demographic Denial: Retaining Relevance in the New Millennium, by Eric J. Jolly
• Moving Toward Inclusion: A Model for Change, by Seddon Bennington and Aleina L. Smith
• Walking the Talk: The Importance of a Diversity Plan, by David W. Ellis
• ASTC’s Equity and Diversity Initiative: The Plan/The Rationale
• A Question of Truth: Dialogue in Action, by Lesley Lewis, Che Marville and Cathie Spencer
• Quantifying Change: The Case for Equity/Diversity Metrics, by Jim Peterson

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