Dimensions, May/June 2003—A Matter of Scale: Fitting a Science Center to Its Community

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May/June 2003

Is bigger always better? Is smaller smarter? Or is size merely one aspect of a larger strategic question: How can we best scale our science center to its community and resources? In this issue we examine the implications of expansion, and learn how different science centers have overcome a variety of constraints—a small staff, limited space, outdated exhibits, a tight budget, a depressed local economy—to establish a significant presence for their institutions.

• If We Build It, Will They Come? A Study of Attendance Change after Expansion, by Amy Gilligan and Jan Allen
• To Expand or Not to Expand: Addressing the Question, by Charlie Trautmann
Economies of Scale: Lessons from Successful Small Museums, by Mark Sinclair
• The Little Science Center That Could: A Tale of Appropriate Growth, by Gail R. Becker
• TEAMing Up: Collaborating for Leveraged Success in Exhibitions, by Kate Bennett and Debra A. Jacobson
• Science in an Urban Enterprise Zone: Bringing New Opportunities to Naples, by Luigi Amodio

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