Dimensions, September/October 2008—’A Powerful Force for Good’: Science Centers and Social Issues


September/October 2008ASTC Dimensions

In April, ASTC committed to a new strategic direction, recognizing the responsibility of science centers to address critical societal issues locally and globally. The Toronto Declaration, presented at the Fifth Science Centre World Congress in June, underscored ASTC’s new focus, proclaiming that science centers can be “a powerful force for good.” By promoting dialogue on issues like climate change and human health, science centers can help forge the way toward a better future.

  • The Road Ahead: ASTC’s New Strategic Direction, by Lesley Lewis
  • The Toronto Declaration
  • Leading for Impact, by Lynn Luckow
  • RACE: Fostering Community Conversations for Social Change, by Robert Garfinkle, with Science Centers and Social Change: Questions to Consider
  • Still in Search of Relevance, by Emlyn Koster
  • Building the Future: Science Centers and the Net Generation, by Jennifer Corriero
  • Bringing the Public’s Voices to the Forefront, by Luigi Amodio
  • Engaging Leaders and Citizens in Science, by Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos and Sigrid Falla
  • ASTC’s IGLO Initiative: An Interim Review, by Colin Johnson
  • The Albedo Experiment: They Came, They Saw, They Reflected, by Lynn Lim
  • Spot On: The Albedo Experiment in Italy, by Lavinia Del Longo
  • The Decide Game: An Indian Experience, by Emdadul Islam
  • Resources for Addressing Social Issues

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