Dimensions, March/April 2011—Building Tomorrow’s STEM Workforce


March/April 2011

Nations around the world recognize that to be competitive in the global economy and to address a variety of societal issues, they must cultivate a strong and innovative science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce. In September 2010, the U.S. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology proposed a two-pronged approach to achieving this goal, focusing on both preparation and inspiration. In this issue, we examine how science centers can help inspire and equip people from all backgrounds to pursue STEM career opportunities by providing them with access to role models, supportive environments, and skill-building opportunities.

  • Why So Few? Barriers to Women’s Participation in STEM, and How Science Centers Can Help, by Andresse St. Rose
  • Connecting Girls and Women in Engineering and Technology, by Barbara Pontello
  • The Youth Inspired Challenge: Nurturing Tomorrow’s STEM Leaders, by Laura Huerta Migus
  • ScienceMakers: Telling the Unsung Stories of African-American Scientists, by Alison Bruzek
  • Not Leaving Inspiration to Chance, by Graham Durant
  • Beyond the Beaker: Discovering STEM Careers in Western Australia, by Kate Elder
  • Engaging Local Communities in Science, by Kate Elder
  • Native American Sciences Initiative: Deepening Relationships and Expanding the STEM Workforce, by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Ka Chun Yu, and Jami Powell
  • STEM Workforce Diversity Resources and Research, by Laura Huerta Migus
  • Empowering Girls in Flanders to Try Engineering and Technology, by Steven Vols
  • STEM Ambassadors: Reaching Out to the Next Generation, by Catherine Aldridge
  • It’s All About Inspiration, by Steve Whitt

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