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Dimensions, March/April 2014—Cultivating the Future: Science Centers and Agriculture


March/April 2014

Inspired by the International Year of Family Farming 2014, this issue of Dimensions examines how science centers and museums are addressing the diverse, complex, and sometimes controversial issues surrounding agriculture.

We all depend on agriculture—whether we live in a rural or urban area, in a developed or developing country. Agriculture encompasses some of the world’s most critical issues, including combating hunger, protecting the environment, and spurring economic growth.

Science centers and museums are ideal places to examine this universally relevant topic. As community meeting places and educational resources, science centers are engaging audiences in agriculture by holding farmers markets and dialogue forums, creating exhibitions and outreach programs, and getting kids’ hands dirty in urban gardens. Agriculture provides an opportunity to address science-related topics ranging from nutrition to nano. We invite you to explore with us the many facets of this critical subject, so deeply rooted in science, technology, and our communities.

  • Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth, by Conchi Quintana
  • Promoting the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy for Agriculture in Thailand, by Nanthaka Saengchan
  • Exploring Agricultural Sciences and Careers, by Michele Laverty
  • Growing an Advisory Group, by Bruce Quast
  • Contain Yourself: Exploring Agriculture Through Container Gardens, by Tracy Calogheros
  • From Heritage Fruit Trees to “Space Lettuce”: Agricultural Projects from Around the Field
  • Farming for Fuels, by Wayne Robinson
  • Scientist for a Day: Interpreting Brazilian Biodiesel, by Vivian Chies and Daniela Garcia Collares
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