Dimensions, July/August 2013—Developing the Science Center Workforce


July/August 2013

This issue of Dimensions looks at the science center and museum workforce and professional development through a broad lens. What are effective ways to hone the skills and expertise of individual staff members, build capacity and cohesion across an institution, and professionalize our broader field? How we can we recruit the most diverse, talented, and innovative workforce possible? How do professionals from different sectors of the field—whether they work on the gallery floor or in an office, in a science center or a zoo, in a developed or developing country—come together to improve their practice and serve their publics? The articles in this issue present trends, strategies, data, and practical guidelines to help explore these questions.

  • Professional Development in the Informal Science Education Field: A Growing, Diverse Landscape, by Jamie Bell and Kalie Sacco
  • Professional Learning Through Reflecting on Practice, by Lynn Uyen Tran, Catherine Halversen, and Maia Werner-Avidon
  • Recruiting for Inclusion and Innovation, by Laura Huerta Migus
  • Orienting New Team Members for Long-Term Success, by Charlie Trautmann
  • Partnering to Build Capacity in Indonesian Science Centers, by Kate Barnard and Merryn McKinnon
  • Science Centers and Zoos: Creating Public Value Through Complementary Strengths, by John Fraser, Martin Weiss, Beverly Sheppard, and Kate Flinner
  • Taking the Floor, by David Rock
  • Who Are Floor Staff?, by Christine Ruffo
  • Graduate School: A Pathway to a Science Center Career, by Kalie Sacco (extended content available here)
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