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Dimensions, January/February 2020—Breaking Down Silos


January/February 2020

In this issue, we explore the benefits of breaking down silos. When teams, isolated units, or organizations operate out of step or even at cross-purposes with one another, action may be required. Breaking down silos can increase effectiveness, efficiency, communication, and camaraderie. It can allow for programs and events not previously possible. The authors of articles in this issue share their experiences in working to break down silos of various kinds between individuals, teams, and institutions. What is your experience with silos in your current organization or other places you’ve worked? Email and tell us about it.
  • Breaking Down Silos Between Science Engagement Professionals by Erica Palma Kimmerling
  • Breaking Down Silos . . . and Moving in Together by Jessie Herbert-Meny, Amanda Duley, Nathalie Wolfram, Aaron Brock, and Jessica Allred
  • Balanced Power, Powerful Impacts: Partnerships for Broader Impacts Design by Anna Johnson, Michelle Kortenaar, and Travis Tangen
  • Building Bridges Between Staff Silos by Laycca Umer, Amy Hsiao, and Mariana Hairabedian
  • Scaling Science Literacy: Thinking Outside the Museum Box by Jason Bosher and Chelsea Rooney
  • Designing Our World By Amanda Fisher
  • Handmade: Cooperating with Local Libraries by Catharina Hoff
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