Dimensions, January/February 2016—Creating Great Cities



January/February 2016

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Today, more than half the people on Earth live in urban areas. As urban populations continue to grow, cities face the challenge of becoming more livable yet more sustainable. Across the world, science centers and museums are working alongside their local governments and citizens to help their cities—both large and small—lessen their environmental impacts, strengthen their economies, improve people’s lives, and become better places to live.

  • Why the World Needs Great Cities, and Why Great Cities Need Science Centers, by Patrick Hamilton
  • A Science Center and a Community: Cultivating Hope and Resilience in Medellin, by Claudia Aguirre
  • Turning Outward: The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, by Suzanne McCaffrey and Chris Siefert
  • The Museum of Tomorrow: An Icon of Renewal in Rio de Janeiro, by Juliana Tinoco
  • Informal Science Education in Abu Dhabi: An Investment for the Future, by Linda Abraham Silver and Lolowa Al Marzooqi
  • Creating a Community Partnership Through a Science Center School in Los Angeles, by Ron Rohovit
  • Coming Under One Roof: Creating a Culture House in Missoula, by Holly Truitt
  • Jumpstarting STEM Mentoring for Citywide Change in Allentown, by David Smith
  • Working for More Sustainable Cities: Stories from Museums Around the World, by Chris Dunford, Marc Miller, Kate McNally, Sheila McGuire, Senewa Kinaiyia, Carole Paleco, Patricia Verheyden, and Han Jun
Online Departments
  • From the CEO: Introducing the New Online Journal Connected Science Learning
  • Viewpoints: Has your institution used any creative or “outside-the-box” methods to attract visitors?
  • Q&A with Erica Hahn: Defying the “Nevers”

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