Dimensions, July/August 2016—School’s Out, STEM’s In



July/August 2016

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Out-of-school time programs—which serve children before or after school, on weekends, or during school vacations—provide excellent opportunities for students from all backgrounds to engage deeply in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning. ASTC is working with the Afterschool Alliance to facilitate partnerships between science centers and out-of-school time providers that draw upon the expertise of both types of organizations. Many science centers are excelling in bringing STEM to students through summer camps or teen programs that are part of the legacy of ASTC’s YouthALIVE! initiative. And ASTC is supporting science centers’ work with youth through minigrant programs like the Creativity Garden.

For more resources, visit the Afterschool Alliance’s STEM pages and the Afterschool STEM Hub, as well as the Connectory, with which ASTC is a collaborator. And join discussions in ASTC’s STEM Afterschool Community of Practice (CoP) and the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network CoP .

  • Let’s Partner More to Offer High- Quality STEM Education in Afterschool Programs, by Anita Krishnamurthi
  • Science Centers and Afterschool Programs: Working Together for All Kids, by Melissa Ballard, Laura Herszenhorn, Katie Levedahl, Tara Cox, Tolly Foster, Michele Schilten, Brett Nicholas, and Bryan Wunar
  • The Legacy of YouthALIVE!, by Cary Sneider and Meg Burke
  • Roads Taken by YouthALIVE! Institutions and Youth, by Christine (Kit) Klein and Carey Tisdal
  • Researching Long-Term Impacts of an Out-of-School Time Program, by C. Aaron Price and Faith R. Kares
  • Finding a Second Home, by Joey Rodriguez
  • STEM-Rich and Equitable Making: Lessons from a Museum-Based Research-Practice Partnership, by Jean J. Ryoo and Linda Kekelis
  • Out-of-School Time Programs: Advice and Lessons Learned
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  • From the CEO: What’s in a Name?
  • Q&A with Sascha Paladino: Miles from Tomorrowland

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