Dimensions, March/April 2015—Leadership at Every Level


March/April 2015
A consistent theme throughout our field is the importance of cultivating science center and museum leaders with the vision and commitment to serve diverse communities everywhere. So many of ASTC’s programs and services for our members reflect this topic, including, for example, the Association’s close collaboration with the Noyce Leadership Institute as it has helped to hone the talents of leaders from science centers, museums, and related institutions around the globe from 2008 until the program’s conclusion this year.

We acknowledge that leadership is crucial at every level of an organization. In this issue of Dimensions, we invited leaders at all levels to add their voices to the conversation, from volunteer managers to department heads to middle managers to board members to CEOs. These leaders discuss the importance of listening, of building strong relationships with boards and communities, and of helping each staff person reach his or her highest potential. They share their best pieces of leadership advice, divulge their greatest worries, and speak candidly about what they learned in times of crisis that tested their leadership.

Online Departments

From the CEO: Appreciating the Dynamic Process of Scientific Advancement
Our Boards in Action: Ann S. Bowers on the Noyce Leadership Institute
Viewpoints: Do you think science centers and museums should use crowdfunding resources to raise funds for exhibits and events?
Q&A with Fred Haise: To INFINITY and Beyond

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