Dimensions, May/June 2015—Museum Memories that Last


May/June 2015

What makes for a meaningful, memorable science center or museum experience? What kinds of experiences resonate throughout visitors’ lives? How can exhibitions and programs transform people, or even just make a lasting learning impact? The authors in this issue of Dimensions use research, theory, and practice to examine these questions from many angles.

In this issue, we look at how science center and museum experiences can engage the emotions and the senses, spark curiosity and the imagination, create empathy, change perceptions, and bring people together—through original objects, substantive hands-on experiences, personal connections, storytelling, physical activity, or just plain fun.

  • Beginning to Measure Meaning in Museum Experiences, by Susie Wilkening
  • Thanks for the Memories, by Deborah Lee Rose
  • The Art of Museum Exhibitions, by Leslie Bedford
  • Dialogue with Time: An Intergenerational Experience, by Orna Cohen
  • Having a Blast: Fun and Humor in Museums, by Eddie Goldstein
  • Move Over! Incorporating Physicality Into Education, by Jen Lokey
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From the CEO: What ASTC Members Have to Say
Viewpoints: How will 3D printing find a place in science center?
Q&A with Linda Conlon: From Science Village to World Community

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