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Dimensions, September/October 2017—Co-Design for Transformation


September/October 2017

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When delegates convene in Tokyo from November 15 to 17 for the Science Centre World Summit (hosted by Miraikan—the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), they will examine ways to build connections and work toward a sustainable future.

How can science centers and museums work with community members and organizations—as well as partners in industry, schools, higher education, government, and other sectors—to design new projects with the potential to create transformational change in our communities, countries, and world?

The contributors to this issue share models, success stories, and challenges as they explore how co-designing with those outside our field might help us achieve more than we could on our own.

  • Science Centers and Industry: Collaborating to Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by Yuta Tanimura
  • Learning to Move Collectively, by Holly Truitt
  • Engineering Educational Change, by Ioannis Miaoulis
  • Museums and Learning Ecosystems: Energy, Scale, and Churn, by Charlie Walter
  • Listen, Welcome, Co-Create, by Kristin Leigh
  • Co-Design Case Studies, by Meie van Lar, Nina Simon, Graham Durant, Sharon Ament, Dan Nasitka and Erin Gibbons, and Shana Hawrylchak
  • From the CEO—Co-Thinking: How We Collaborate, by Gillian Thomas
  • Spotlights—Exploring augmented, virtual, and mixed reality with the ASTC 2017 host, the Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Notes from ASTC—Announcing ASTC’s Edgie winners, Diversity and Leadership Development Fellows, plus more
  • International Science Center and Science Museum Day—Girls: STEM-SDG Marathon, Sustainable Development Goals and Achieving Gender Equality, and more
  • What We Learned—Frankentops and Insectbots
  • Our Boards in Action—ASTC’s Linda Conlon and Guy Labine on the association’s recent accomplishments and the future of the field
  • Special Section—2017 ASTC Annual Conference
  • People—Comings and goings, ASTC staff changes, and in memoriam
  • Grants and Awards
  • Q&A with Diana Pardue: Museums, Immigration, and Controversy>

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