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Dimensions, Special Edition—Growing Toward a Future Where All Feel Welcome and Heard


Special Edition

In 2001, ASTC’s Board launched a fieldwide Equity and Diversity Initiative in an effort to lead science centers toward a future in which their audience, staff, and board members more closely reflect the diversity of their societies. Since that time, we have made progress as a field on the path to becoming truly diverse and inclusive, but there is much left to do. ASTC recognizes that the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion is never finished. And as countries around the world become increasingly diverse, this work is more important than ever.

In this special edition of Dimensions, science center and museum practitioners from around the globe examine how our institutions are working to build and engage audiences, staffs, and boards that are diverse by many measures, including by race, ethnicity, national origin, native language, immigrant or refugee status, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, and socioeconomic status—and where we can do more. In a Special Opinion Section, several leaders share their views on how our field should respond to increasing diversity in various parts of the world. We hope this edition will provide inspiration and lead to deep conversations.

  • Cultural Competence Learning Institute: Learning in Real Time with Real Issues, by Jenni Martin
  • The ASTC Diversity and Leadership Development Fellows Program Celebrates 16 Years, compiled by Ann Hernandez and Emily Schuster
  • How Do Families from Disadvantaged Backgrounds Experience a Science Museum Visit?, by Louise Archer
  • Migration and Museums
  • Diversity Initiatives: A Welcome, an Invitation, and a Voice, by Natalie Bortoli
  • Family Inclusion in Science Centers and Museums, by Margaret Middleton
  • Taking Action Toward Inclusion, Accessibility, and Sustainable Organizational Change in Science Museums, by Christine Reich and Katie Gilligan
  • Sharing Diverse Worldviews: Equity and Inclusion in Science Centers and Museums, by Nancy C. Maryboy, Jill Stein, David Begay, and Laura Peticolas
Special Opinion Section
  • Museums, White Privilege, and Diversity: A Systemic Perspective, by Gretchen Jennings and Joanne Jones-Rizzi
  • The Post-Brexit “New Divide” and the Importance of Engaging with Migrants and Refugees, by Linda Conlon
  • The Role of Science Centers and Museums in the Refugee Crisis, by Maria Vlachou
Online Departments
  • From the CEO: Celebrating Diversity at ASTC and Throughout the Field
  • Q&A with Ann Fumarolo: Making Diversity a Priority in Science Centers and Museums
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