Dimensions, November/December 2006—Earth in Transition: Science Centers and Global Warming

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November/December 2006

The start of the International Polar Year (IPY) in March 2007 marked the start of a major new undertaking for the science center community. ASTC’s “International action for GLObal warming” initiative (IGLO), an officially endorsed component of the IPY, will bring museums worldwide into partnership not only with IPY education and outreach efforts, but also with the International Polar Foundation, the World Ocean Network, UNESCO, and more. As scientists document the effects of rapidly increasing temperatures and greenhouse gas concentrations on Earth’s key Polar Regions, museum visitors will have a chance, through IGLO, to follow the research, participate in public debate, assess the impact of human activity, and take action locally, nationally, or internationally.


Global Warming: What Can Science Centers Do?, by Jeffrey Kirsch and Erik Jacquemyn
• Our Changing Climate: A Global Reality, by Robert W. Corell
• International Polar Year: Creating an Education and Outreach Continuum, by Mark S. McCaffrey
• The IGLO Initiative: Collaborating to Address Global Warming, by Walter Staveloz
• IGLO’s International Dimension, by Carolyn Sutterfield
• Linking the Networks: The IGLO Advisory Group, by Colin Johnson
• Climate Change: What Visitors Want from Science Centers, by Shelly E. Ryan
• From the Field: ‘Not Too Scary … Yet’, by Shari Gearheard
• Science Centers Take Action: An ASTC Sampler, compiled by Carolyn Sutterfield
• U.S. Agencies in Support of IGLO, by David Herring, Frank Niepold, and Joel Halvorson
• The IGLO Toolkit: One-Stop Shopping for Climate Change Science, by Charlie Trautmann
• Global Warming Resources

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