Dimensions, November/December 2013—Enlightening Our Practice: Advancing the Field Through Research


November/December 2013

While Dimensions has published new studies and research-based articles in the past, this is the first time an issue has focused entirely on research related to the science center and museum field. Research is critical to science center and museum professionals—it expands our perspectives and understanding, grounds our work in a broader context, and provides solid data on which to base our programs, policies, and advocacy efforts. In this issue, we highlight a few recent, relevant, and broadly applicable studies that illuminate topics important to moving the field forward. We hope the research in this issue will help individual practitioners and institutions achieve greater impact and will also advance the field as a whole.

  • Science Centers and Research: An Overview, by Charlie Trautmann, Kim Cavendish, Gillian Thomas, Julie I. Johnson, Damien Francaviglia, and Christine Ruffo
  • Science Centers Make a Difference: Results from the International Science Center Impact Study, by John H. Falk, Lynn D. Dierking, Mark D. Needham, and Lisa Prendergast
  • Measuring and Evaluating Science Learning Activation, by Debra W. Moore, Meghan E. Bathgate, Joo Chung, and Matthew A. Cannady
  • Today’s Destination Visitors, by Diane Lochner and Tom Owen
  • Learning at and for Work, by Julie I. Johnson
  • More Recent Research You Should Know About, compiled by Christine Ruffo
  • Dig Deeper at, by Trevor Nesbit and Kalie Sacco

(A companion blog post to this issue of Dimensions is available here.)

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