Dimensions, March/April 2013—Exploring New Worlds: Digital Media, Gaming, and Learning


March/April 2013

Digital media is increasingly present in our daily lives, as well as on the floor of the science center. In this issue, we look at how informal educators and designers are using digital media and gaming to create compelling, interactive learning experiences. Whether by tackling science-based challenges on a mobile device, designing their own digital dome productions, or gaming in the real world or a virtual one, audiences are using the flexibility of new technologies and the power of play to engage deeply with science.

  • Learning Labs: Transforming Youth from Digital Consumers to Creators, by Margaret Glass
  • Designing Digital Interactive Experiences that Promote Learning, by Leilah Lyons
  • Virtual Worlds: Avatars as Avenues to Advance Science Learning, by Lindsay Bartholomew and Judy Brown
  • Reinventing Dome Production for Community Storytelling, by Dave Pentecost
  • Legs, Not Fingers: Why Physical Games Are a Better Bet for Museums than Digital Projects, by Margaret Robertson
  • Games and STEM Education: Building Knowledge Through Play, by Jodi Asbell-Clarke
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