Dimensions, September/October 2006—Eyes on the Skies: Reconnecting Audiences with Astronomy

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September/ October 2006

“Astronomical concepts and images have universal appeal, inspiring wonder and resonating uniquely with human questions about our nature and our place in the universe.” So wrote a distinguished panel of U.S. scientists in Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millenium (National Academies Press, 2001). One chapter in the repost focuses on astronomy education, citing it’s power “not only to increase knowledge and understanding on the part of students and the public alike, but also to illuminate the nature of science.” As an example the authors chose Project ASTRO, an Astronomical Society of the Pacific program that employs the hands-on, inquiry-based methods long championed by science centers. In this issue, we look at Project ASTRO and other innovative programs, technologies, and partnerships that are helping museum audiences to better understand their “place in the universe.”

Fathoming the Unfathomable, by Dennis Schatz
• Supporting Educators: ASP and the Informal Science Community, by Michael G. Gibbs and Suzanne Gurton
• Kinesthetic Astronomy: Experiencing the Movement of the Spheres, by Cherilynn A. Morrow
• Hands-On Optics: Teaching the Technology behind Astronomy, by Stephen Pompea
• Sharing the Science: Public Outreach at Kitt Peak, by Rich Fedele
• Above the Horizon: The Changing Face of Planetariums, by Alex Barnett
• Planetarium Interactivity: A New Paradigm, by Al Najjar
• NASA’s One Place for Space, by Erika Reinfeld, Mary Dussault, and Anita Sohus
• Astronomy Resources

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