Dimensions, September/October 2011—Forging the Connection to Local Leaders and Communities


September/October 2011

How can science centers and museums become valued by their local leaders and citizens as essential elements of vibrant, livable, growth-oriented communities? Science centers are taking a central role in helping their local communities address key challenges and priorities—from environmental sustainability and support for underserved populations to economic development and quality of life. Through partnerships with local governments, community organizations, and businesses, science centers are demonstrating that they are not just “nice to have,” but necessary players in helping communities achieve their goals.

  • PLACES: Helping Science, Politics, and Communities Interact, by Emma Wadland
  • Supporting Science and Culture One Penny at a Time, by Peg Long
  • A Productive Partnership with Local Government, by Joanna Haas
  • Making a Science Center Relevant to its Local Community and Businesses, by Victoria Scalise
  • Why Do Local Government Officials Value Their Communities’ Science Centers and Museums?
  • The Regeneration of a City, by Linda Conlon
  • Helping Youth Transition to the Future, by Debra Moroff and Charlotte Zolotor
  • An Asset to the Community, by Phelan R. Fretz

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