Dimensions, September/October 2010—Global Issues, Local Efforts


September/October 2010

As respected members of their communities, science centers are well equipped to tackle science-based global issues in ways that are locally relevant. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) outline some of the most critical issues facing the world today, many of them with a basis in science: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger; achieving universal primary education; promoting gender equality; reducing child mortality; improving maternal health; combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; ensuring environmental sustainability; and developing a global partnership for development. With the 2015 deadline to achieve the MDGs approaching, science centers across the world are addressing these global issues within their local communities.

  • Ideas Changing Minds: Science Centers and the Millennium Development Goals, by Jan Vandemoortele
  • Declaration of Science Center and Museum Leadership Worldwide to the MDG Summit (PDF, 432 KB)
  • Voices of Support for Science Centers, by David Dickson, Lidia Brito, Mohamed H.A. Hassan, and Luisa Massarani
  • From Congress to Summit, by Brenton Honeyman
  • Thinking Globally, Working Locally at Gujarat Science City, by Narottam Sahoo
  • Energy, Health, and Climate Change: A European Perspective, by Maria Xanthoudaki
  • Climate Change: A Global Issue in Our Own Backyards, by Walter Staveloz, with Kate Crawford
  • A “Glocal” Approach to a Climate Change Exhibition, by Elaine Reynoso Haynes
  • Targeting Climate Change Initiatives to a Rural Community, by Stephanie Ratcliffe
  • A Local Response to a Global Story: Demystifying the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, by Hela Sheth
  • Tackling Tough Issues in Science Centers: Two Local Responses to HIV/AIDS, by Derek Fish, Graham Walker, and Barbara Streicher
  • Raising Avian Flu Awareness in Indonesia, by Finarya Legoh

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