Dimensions, March/April 2002—Hands-On Health: Science Centers and Public Health Education

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March/April 2002

Visitors come to science centers and museums trusting that the information they find will be accurate and unbiased. Nowhere is our obligation to earn that trust more important than in exhibits and programs related to human health and well-being. The health information we provide today—to individuals and to the public at large—may shape the life decisions of tomorrow.

• Putting Health in Context, by Beverly Sanford
• The Science Education Partnership Awards: Building Collaboration, Changing Lives, by Krishan K. Arora, Meena Selvakumar, Carol Lynn Alpert, Cheryl D. McCallum, Susan I Holloway, William Hal Martin and Jennifer Bistrack
• Epidemic! Evaluating the Impact of a Public Health Exhibition, by Ellen Giusti and Monique Scott
The Unfiltered Truth: Tackling Youth Smoking, by Stephen H. Baumann
• Empowering Children: Health Programs as an Extension of Mission, by Berta MacGregor
• Reliable Sources: What Museum Visitors Gain from Health Programs, by Lynn D. Dierking

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