Dimensions, November/December 2009—Leadership for Change


November/December 2009

At a time of financial challenge, when a CEO’s first tendency might be to hunker down and ride out the storm, it may seem counterintuitive to pursue renewal, form new partnerships, and make long-range plans. But according to our November/December contributors, leaders who keep their institutions focused outward and forward in this way may be doing just what it takes to guarantee long-term survival. In this issue, we analyze the art of adaptive leadership, discover how the Noyce Leadership Institute program is helping its CEO Fellows strengthen themselves and their communities, learn how two Fellows have been applying NLI lessons in their institutions, and recall some high points of ASTC leadership over the past three decades.

  • Leading for Continuity and Change, by Lynn Luckow
  • The Practice of Leadership in a Changing Environment, by Julie I. Johnson and Randy C. Roberts
  • Referents for Renewal: Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places, by Dennis Bartels
  • A Fellowship of Leaders: Building a Community to Serve Communities, by Jennifer Zoffel
  • The Business of Leadership: Lessons for CEOs in Hard Times, by Kirk Ramsay
  • ASTC Exhibition Services: Advancing the Science Center Movement, by Wendy Pollock
  • Passing the Helm: Bonnie VanDorn’s Legacy, by Nancy Stueber

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