Dimensions, July/August 2003—Lifelong Learners: Reaching Adult Audiences

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July/August 2003

Are science centers just for kids? If that’s the perception our visitors have, we may be missing out on an important audience: adult learners. With populations in many countries aging as well as diversifying, and with funders increasingly emphasizing “lifelong learning” in their grant criteria, the opportunity is obvious. In this issue, we look at some existing programs and exhibitions and consider the elements of successful adult programming.

• What About the Grown-Ups? The Changing Landscape of Science Center Programming, by Laura Sturmfels and Carey Tisdal
Coffee and Conversation: Building Relationships through Adult Programming, by Joan L. Parrett
• Senior Afternoons at GLSC, by Carolyn Sutterfield
• Adult Museum Programs: A Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes, by Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer and Robert A. Fellenz
• A “Lifelong Learning” Reading List
• Hot Topics: Planning a Successful Lecture Program, by Carol Cochran
• Starstruck: Lifelong Learning and the Carnegie Science Center, by John G. Radzilowicz
• Lifelong Learners: A Global Phenomenon
• Sharing “Secrets”: Creating Exhibition Content for Adults, by Christine Reich

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