Dimensions, March/April 2009—Living Well: Science Centers and Public Health


March/April 2009

The Toronto Declaration, adopted in June 2008 by the Fifth Science Centre World Congress, established public health as a priority for science centers, citing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for child and maternal health and disease prevention. In this issue, we explore the efforts of science centers worldwide to improve health in their communities, through exhibitions, outreach programs, partnerships, and even food service operations.

  • Active Learning, Healthy Living, by Ruth Lynfield
  • Taking on Obesity in the Deep South, by Eleanor Kulin
  • Creating a Smart Café, by Bob Levine
  • What’s the Big Deal? An Exhibition Navigates France’s Changing Sexuality Landscape, by Maud Gouy
  • North Star Guides the Way, by Chris Cable and SaVina Sandoval Haywood
  • Health Messages at Science Centers in South Africa: What Is Possible? by Lorenzo Raynard
  • Rising to the Challenge: Public Health in Latin American Science Centers, by Alejandra León-Castellá, Alcira García-Vassaux, José Ángel Andrade, Luisa Massarani, Martha Cambre, and Maria Cristina Ruiz (PDF available here)
  • Inspiring, Engaging, and Involving: Multiple Paths to Good Health, by Gloria German
    Partners for Health, by Rick Baker
  • Reaching out to the Vulnerable, by Leticia Chávez Martínez and Dolores Arenas Venegas
  • The Evolving Threat of Infectious Disease, by Erika Shugart

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