Dimensions, January/February 2015—A Meeting of Minds: Neuroscience in Science Centers


January/February 2015

Science centers strive to make science compelling and relevant to their visitors, and it’s hard to think of a subject more intriguing or personal than the human brain. The brain is a hot topic these days, with major projects like the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative in the United States and the Human Brain Project in Europe bringing new attention and funding to neuroscience research.

In this issue, we look at how science centers and museums are learning from and interpreting neuroscience. We share the stories of exciting new exhibitions on the brain and mental health. We hear from brain exhibit developers around the world about how they overcame their biggest challenges. And we also look at how museums and botanic gardens are using knowledge of neuroscience to serve audiences with conditions related to the brain, including autism, developmental disabilities, and dementia.

  • Exploring the Wonders of the Brain and Mind, by John H. Morrison
  • The Human Brain Project: A Role for Science Centers and Museums, by David Horrigan
  • NSF and the BRAIN Initiative: A Multidisciplinary Approach, by Lily Whiteman and Sarah Bates
  • What Museum Professionals Can Learn from Neuroscience Research, by Kalie Sacco and Grace Troxel
  • How the Brain Became Your Brain, by Jayatri Das
  • When Heureka Went Crazy, by Heidi Rosenström
  • Brain Teasers, by Emma Cook, Holly Truitt, Erika C. Shugart, Fábio Gouveia, Paulo Colonese, Diego Vaz Bevilaqua, Laurie Kleinbaum Fink, Bhavleen Kaur, Elizabeth Kong, Varda Gur Ben Shitrit, and Mary Olson
  • Creating Accessible Opportunities at the Intrepid Museum, by Barbara Johnson Stemler
  • Roots and Reflections: Engaging People with Dementia, by Libby Rhoads
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